A good reason never bad

So here I am, writing my first post ever! I never thought that I will write a blog…never popped into my head. But here I am now, looking out my window, looking at a calm, “surprisingly” windy swedish evening and trying to figure out this blogging thing. Oh my God…just the customization and the how-to YouTube videos to help me understand (rather to get a clue about) all the tiny different details in themes took me 2 days, and I am far from over…but I hope it will worth it, cause what I am doing (causing?) in the kitchen is – according to my boyfriend – entertaining, and I believe every beginner chef can learn from it.:)

As you can read it in the About page, cooking and baking is new to me. I don’t know whether all the other beginners feel like this, but sometimes it is hard to follow the pro’s videos let alone the short and laconic instructions. I get it…the lack of knowledge of those moves and facts that cause me loud swear, shocked faces and desperately fast saving attempts (those never work) are obvious for them.

So I figured sharing my experiences with new recipes on a blog, could be useful for starters like me. I will highlight the possible mistakes in each posts, explain the instructions in great detail and take photos – maybe even videos as soon as I am brave enough – about the process and the outcomes. (Even if they are not as pretty as I hoped:).


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