Award is a nice word

So something really great and unexpected happened a couple of days ago. My blog was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by gracefilledlightShe made my day with her move…yey! I mean I am a beginner in blogging too, so it was such a great surprise. Go and check out her page…I like the name of her page and I would always recommend someone who likes Walt Disney movies!:)


To be honest I had no idea what this award is about, but it had the word award in it, so I figured it can’t be bad!

So as I read there are certain rules to be part of this…(more about the award and the rules on the award’s blog)

  •  Name the blogger who nominated you.
  •  Choose 15 blogs/bloggers and nominate them for this award.
  •  Finally, tell 7 things about yourself.

So I’ll start with the seven facts:

I am a Transylvanian born Hungarian.

At the age of 6 my sister and I had a major electric shock in a bath tub – it is a funny story now.

I LOVE Budapest, and will always do.

I prefer the creamy batter – while making a sponge-cake – than the cake itself.

I worked on festivals as a bartender and it was such a great summer.

I first tried meat at the age of 14 and mostly ate bread and butter till the age of 10.

I spent a year in an international class and it was amazing and the best.

– And last but not least here are the blogs I found interesting and worth to nominate:

– youngoperationsdirector

Food fellowship and Wine

Cooking Up the Pantry

More than a Dash of Salt


The Pictureteller

The Cashew Tree

Italy on my mind

Learn to Love Food


I’ve Got Cake

jessicas life and travels

South by Northwest

Wheat Free Fanatic

keep it simple

Have a great day everyone!


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