When butter covers the toast from the outside

Have you seen the movie Chef? Cause I have and I liked it…I mean it is a typical, easygoing American comedy movie with a rather too-sweet ending, but I like it because they are cooking (at least a bit), and I like watching that. It is simple as that. So the main character makes a toast for his son…and I liked how he did that. Seemed easy (aha… screwed it up for the first time, totally burned it) but not the usual toast. I like these things…when you like something that you usually make/cook/bake/whatever it in the same way over and over again, but then you find out about a different way, which changes the routine just as much that it becomes a bit more challenging, exciting again…not to mention if it makes it taste even better.


So here I go with my new toast recipe –  I changed it a bit. Pretty fast, can  be either vegetarian or not, gluten-free (up to the bread you use ) or not, but either way great!

You can check out the whole recipe through this  prezi link, or keep on reading here:)


What we need:

  • bread or toast
  • butter
  • cheese – 2 slides on each bread
  • ham/bacon – optional
  • mustard – optional, but it is worth it
  • 3 teaspoons – olive oil

1) Get a frying pan, heat the olive oil on light-medium level.

2) Take 2 slides of bread and butter it. Once you checked that the oil is hot enough (I usually put a tiny ingredient into it – here a crumb will do) put the bread with the buttery side down on the pan. Move it, make it circle a bit so the butter gets everywhere.

3) Put cheese slices on both bread. Give it 2 minutes and check with plastic utensil/spatula how it looks. When it turned slightly golden brown on the bottom put the bread – with the help of the spatula – on the top of the other, so the cheese (from both sides) will melt in the middle.

4) Check the bottom, circle it with the spatula so the cheese gets melted. When it is brownish (avoid burning) and the cheese started to melt you are good to go.

Hope you like it as much as We do!:)

So what you have to look out in my experiences:

-when I say light-medium heat I mean it. I was too impatient and I regretted it. The bread got burned too quickly and the cheese didn’t have time to melt…so bad…I wish I had taken photos:) So medium heat will be more than enough.


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