Hasselback potatoes – Swedish potatoes

If you are thinking about moving to Sweden let me give you an advice. Move at the end of spring, or during summer so you can enjoy the sunshine and have the memory of it through autumn and winter (and spring). Sweden didn’t welcome us with its nicest face but managed to set a new record with the darkest November. In Stockholm for the first 16 days in November the sun was shining all together for 2 whole hours. 16 days – 2 hours of sunshine... this was the time when I learned how much I depend on the sun! At the beginning of this year there was a lecture for foreigners held by Swedes how to deal with the lack of sunshine because it can cause problems. I was just smiling about this, didn’t attend the course, I mean why should I – I thought – I am a Hungarian we have winter, I can deal with grey autumns too…I wish I attended that damn class:)

But spring has finally arrived, and it feels so good to write this down. I am looking outside my window and the sun is shining!!! So the great weather (and vitamin D) brought back my optimistic side and I find Sweden beautiful again, so let me show you a pretty good and fast dinner/side dish called the Swedish potatoes.


What we need:

  • potatoes
  • butter
  • paprika
  1. Preheat the oven to 200°C and cut the potatoes lengthwise in half. In this way you don’t need to bake them for so long. Cut into thin slices across almost right through. swedish-potatoes
  2. Hint them with paprika and place butter on the top of each.
  3. Butter or oil the alufolia where you will placing the potatoes so it won’t get sticky.  Put the potatoes into the oven and bake it about 40-50 minutes. Check it with a knife after 40 minutes how soft they are inside.

Hope you like it as much as We do!:)

So what you have to look out in my experiences:

– When the potatoes are soft inside, look crispy outside and get a bit golden-brownish colour they are good to go. Do not over bake it, the paprika might taste a bit bitter than.


5 thoughts on “Hasselback potatoes – Swedish potatoes

  1. Whisked Away says:

    Oh my goodness, we were thiiiiiiis close to moving to Sweden! We had a job offer in Stockholm and were considering signing the contract when a position opened up for my husband here in New Zealand and we thought it would be an easier transition. We’ve loved it here, but part of me always wonders what life would have been like if we had moved there instead. I thought the winters here are long and cold, but that’s crazy to only have 2 hours of sunshine! (not to mention how hard that is as food blogger to take pictures in natural light :). Long story short…these potatoes look delicious! I love anything with paprika and butter, and potatoes for that matter! Pinning it now so I can try it later!


    • Mykitchenonfire says:

      Well this was a record, but speaks for itself. To be honest I truly missed the sun between October and March. I think you made the right call:) Stockholm is a great city though, I live in Malmö but I prefer Stockholm…truly liked it, so pretty. If you try the potatoes let me know how did it work out for you!:)

      Liked by 1 person

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