It all started when I moved in with my boyfriend. Should have started it earlier…my poor Mom tried  to teach me how to cook from time to time – never how to bake, that’s not her strongest side:). Anyway I was simply not interested in food or cooking at all. To be honest I didn’t like food. I am sure that as a child I must have been literally a nightmare to my parents, considering the fact that I was the pickiest girl alive. I reached age 2 and decided not to try new stuff. At all.

But 8 months ago my boyfriend and I moved to Sweden, because for some ‘unknown’ reason we thought it would be a great idea after graduating from university back home to study 2 more years.:) So we moved and I started cooking…well at least I am trying. I would not say that I am a born chef but I love it and I am on the opinion that cooking is great but baking is better.

I am trying to find recipes that suit my cooking-level. Although, to be honest I have a slight susceptibility to start with a hardcore yeast cake after 2 months kitchen experience – following the recipe in about 70% – and being absolutely shocked and truly upset because of the outcome when I show it to my boyfriend.

I am convinced that I make typical ’beginner mistakes’ – of which I barely find warnings…so I will write them down. I will choose the recipes on a random basis, but one thing is sure, that right now I am a beginner and I will always put my entire soul in it, cause – as I said it to my mom when I was a child – it only tastes good like that!:)

I am glad you are here and reading this blog!