Tomato sauce and feta cheese – another fast pasta recipe for beginners

These couple of weeks were crazy. We finished our course, left Sweden, moved back to Hungary and I literally didn’t have time nor patience to write a post. There is still so much to do…write a thesis, go back to Sweden to defend it,  give back our apartment to the landlord, find a job… So yeah…my blog was the last thing I had time to care about.

Job hunting is a pain in the ass…truly…so I have to do something else in order to stay sane. I have to get out of the recruitment processes – which last for months…so annoying!!! – from time to time. I am not in the mood for cooking nor baking sadly,  however when I checked my laptop I realized that I still have photos of recipes I haven’t posted yet. So even though I am not in the mood for kitchen-time, I can post the ones I made back in Sweden.

pasta-feta-tomato sauce pasta-feta-tomato sauce

What we need:pasta-feta-tomato sauce

  • 400 g pasta (I chose colorful ones)
  • tomato sauce
  • feta cheese
  • 4 garlic slices – chopped
  • 1 big onion –  halved and tiny sliced
  • cherry tomatoes
  • 250 g – bacon
  • 2 spoons of olive oil
  • grated cheese
  • salt and bacon

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Hasselback potatoes – Swedish potatoes

If you are thinking about moving to Sweden let me give you an advice. Move at the end of spring, or during summer so you can enjoy the sunshine and have the memory of it through autumn and winter (and spring). Sweden didn’t welcome us with its nicest face but managed to set a new record with the darkest November. In Stockholm for the first 16 days in November the sun was shining all together for 2 whole hours. 16 days – 2 hours of sunshine... this was the time when I learned how much I depend on the sun! At the beginning of this year there was a lecture for foreigners held by Swedes how to deal with the lack of sunshine because it can cause problems. I was just smiling about this, didn’t attend the course, I mean why should I – I thought – I am a Hungarian we have winter, I can deal with grey autumns too…I wish I attended that damn class:)

But spring has finally arrived, and it feels so good to write this down. I am looking outside my window and the sun is shining!!! So the great weather (and vitamin D) brought back my optimistic side and I find Sweden beautiful again, so let me show you a pretty good and fast dinner/side dish called the Swedish potatoes.


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Fancy name for a toast – Croque Madame

Don’t you just hate to figure out what to have for dinner? Ever since I started this blog I am trying to make new kind of dishes, try out new recipes so I will have new posts, photos, reasons to write about and it makes (at least) me happy. It is good because I used to eat the same things when I was a child, avoided food in general apart from the 10-12 usual, well-known recipes. I started trying out new ones for 6-7 years now, so at least I have another reason to be creative. But. Here comes the but. Because of that, lately this is the two sentenced script in our sweet home:

Boyfriend: What are WE gonna eat?

Meaning: What are You going to make me?

(I am starting to think this blog was a mistake.)

croque madame

So today is another easy toast recipe with a super fancy french name which I like. Croque Madame. So fancy.

croque madamePretty easy and delicious toast with a fried egg on the top (mine looks a bit lame but tasted good). I was inspired by Charlotte Pike..I love her cook books.

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Oatflakes can taste good

I think there are a few problems with oat flakes at first sight. At least there was for me:) First you have to know about me that I didn’t like food that was not solid. I still don’t like when it’s consistence is somewhere between solid food and soup (I know it’s weird)…I am not sure how to put it more clearly, but what I am trying to say is that I truly never liked the consistence of the kind of food that is in fact like – cooked oat flakes. So that’s my number one problem.

Number two is the taste. It doesn’t have a taste. At least this is what I thought…I read in several pages that it can be weird at first, because of the neutral taste it has, you have to get used to it and then you will start liking it. Well I did change my mind. A lot. It is my most favorite breakfast now, super healthy, fast, can get it in gluten free too – multi-functional!:)…I really like it.



You can check the whole recipe on this prezi link, or just keep reading here:)

Oatflakes can taste good

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When butter covers the toast from the outside

Have you seen the movie Chef? Cause I have and I liked it…I mean it is a typical, easygoing American comedy movie with a rather too-sweet ending, but I like it because they are cooking (at least a bit), and I like watching that. It is simple as that. So the main character makes a toast for his son…and I liked how he did that. Seemed easy (aha… screwed it up for the first time, totally burned it) but not the usual toast. I like these things…when you like something that you usually make/cook/bake/whatever it in the same way over and over again, but then you find out about a different way, which changes the routine just as much that it becomes a bit more challenging, exciting again…not to mention if it makes it taste even better.


So here I go with my new toast recipe –  I changed it a bit. Pretty fast, can  be either vegetarian or not, gluten-free (up to the bread you use ) or not, but either way great!

You can check out the whole recipe through this  prezi link, or keep on reading here:)

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